The censorship on being short should be removed. Round 2

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@Michelle Because it is. We don't know the exact reasoning, but like I said, problems with underage characters is the most likely conclusion. Just because one game does something one way doesn't mean that PSO2 is willing to do the same.

Now that's pretty disingenuous. You can make any character appear a certain age and not actually be that age, but "appear" is the key word here. Loli/shota is meant to represent pre-pubescent and adolescent children, typically in the 3 to 14-year-old range. It's not like super deformed/chibi which can represent a range of differently aged characters dwarfed in size. The implication with loli/shota characters that aren't the age they seem to represent is that their bodies never aged beyond a certain point, like the girl in Interview With The Vampire. Meaning that they are physically still children and the argument of them being underaged is still valid.

Ok. And why didn't SEGA censor the JP version as well? Why are the Japanese people treated differently? Why do people in the West have this attitude of preventing something, even if it is fictional? I can ask you tons of questions and never stop, but the only truth is that censorship isn't really necessary. Luna also explained several times and proved that the US laws have nothing to do.

But I end with this question. If this version hadn't been censored, do you think there would have been complaints about too short characters?

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@ApollosAmour Doesn't matter if you have them blocked or not. The goal should not be to convince you, but others who may be reading these threads.

I personally made my main above the height limit, so safe to say I am not looking at making a loli character to sexualize. I didn't comment on this issue until the cutscene was removed. Yes, there is a reason why it was removed; everything has a reason behind it. However, that reason could simply be paranoia of western cancel culture.

We know that it is unlikely that it due to legal issues as we have gone through US law in detail, many other countries have games like Senran Kagura, and files for the cutscene are in the game's files. So if it is due to paranoia of western cancel culture, the censorship can be reversed. There have been games like Tera that have reversed their censorship. At the very least, feedback can deter future censorship, such as in NGS.

I could complain about many things, like people who literally create monsters, or 200cm tall women who look like men, ambiguous characters, I could seriously complain about every single thing I see in the lobby, yet I don't say anything, everyone are free to create what they want and no one can stop me from making short characters.

@Laep Can you please stop bothering me? I asked you not to tag me. And you still keep wasting time looking for my information on the internet. You are really annoying. I reported you to the forum moderators now.

@Honoka I've not looked for any additional information, I just called you out on your lies, I've dealt with your "kind" before. 🙂

@Laep What do you want? It's a menace? Even if I lied, you do this to all people, go find information on the internet and find out if they are lying or telling the truth. Your life seems stressful.


Wow, this thread is often on top of the recent topics. And what strikes me is the debate between a liar and a stalker.

Congratulations guys.

But if I really have to, I would like to take Honoka's defense, because really, he has done nothing wrong and you are continually accusing him by posting information here that should be private, I have not even clicked that link you shared, but it's clear that it is a link to his profile of some website.

When one stalks someone just to "make a point"... creeper.

Anyways. The only reason I want to make a small character so it can kick ass with ice weapons (the 13* ones that we got on the 4th of July event).

Yes, it also involves the Snowflake Glacier.

(inb4 someone says that I MUST USE A NEM/SLAVE)

@Michelle It's two different cultures. I can ask why animal rights are more of a concern in the US than JP or why Japan is more receptive to foreign pop culture than the US. Across the board, we're just two different countries with two different cultures that have some overlap, but aren't identical. Our view on shota/loli is one of those things that we don't always agree on. At the end of the day too, it's Sega's decision, not the citizens on the US' decision.

Luna's misguided there. This has never been "PSO2 US". It was PSO2 NA and now it's Global. The US is fairly lax in its laws regarding things like this, but Canada isn't. Nor are countries like Sweden. We have to consider a global stage with this sort of stuff and what's the easiest compromise toward accomplishing that.

Not specifically. But that doesn't mean that the change has no weight or purpose to it.

@Silvalance It's public, so none of it is private. If you reverse search my name, you get "Dads Gone Wild". lmao There's no hiding that because I've chosen to use the same name in various public places.

@ApollosAmour Nice, but it's not my hobby, I don't search people nicks on google hahaha I don't like discovering unpleasant things

@ApollosAmour you're argument is full of holes. you stereotype those you disagree with, and erroneously try to assert "looks like" or your opinions are fact or law, when they are contrary.

you block / mute everyone in a thread in which you come to flame, which should be considered spam & a violation of the server rules.

but i didnt come here to call you out, just see if any headway is actually being taken to remove the game's censorship

for the record. go to twitter everyone. the RMT bot issue was ignored right up until the point players learned that is the only way the dev's will actually consider your power of purchase, and power of 'word of mouth' marketing.

originally i was going to post in response to page3 or 4, which suggested that Sega is intentionally marketing to children, who's parents will not be responsible adults and withhold privileges of playing an 18+ M rated game.

Google themselves, as well YouTube, (& a few other service providers) recently got in deep expletive deleted (legal trouble) for knowingly collecting data from minors, regardless of any rating system put in place per content or information that the platform itself offers to the public.

if it were the case, that the game were theoretically rated M, and then censored, in order to encourage minors to play an 18+ game illegally, then Sega would be in more trouble .. when compared to if they had overtly marketed their product to be specifically for 18+ only.

This makes hyper violent and overly sexualized products which are directly marketed towards adults, a safer legal option in comparison to trying to hide or censor adult content & giving a false impression which may lead to children trying to trick their parents into playing a game of which they are not legally permitted to indulge in, without first gaining their parents "proper consent."

anyone might argue this leads to gray areas, but the flaw itself is putting the "informing their legal guardian for consent" if the argument itself says children themselves have no legal rights to form a consensual contractual agreements by law.

i said 'if' cause in America, even minors do have contractual rights. otherwise you'd have no minors EVER appearing in public media such as film or television, period. i know this as someone who's made appearances in media and commercials as a minor in the past.

Every woman in my extended family tree is below 150cm in height. not that the 155 fictional measurement within pso actually corresponds to a real world measurement. but rather has been suggested as an approximation. The notion where others keep suggesting that being short equals underage minor IS a form of discrimination and could be interpreted as hate speech or 'heightism' which is considered a felony crime within the USA federal court system.

The fact this game is Anime or stylistic in its graphical content, keeps getting danced around by the pro-censor people. who 2 seconds later will make arguements which would not even be valid if the art style or graphics were aiming for "realism"

See Agony Unrated. a game with no censorship, & is a fantasy setting (Hell) despite having more 'realistic' violence or graphical nudity compared to almost anything on the market.

How can Chibi style characters get censored in an anime game?? I do not understand how a handful of people can cast a label such as 'loli' out of ignorance and hate, & actually get taken seriously in the slightest.. by anyone. period.

  • This is discrimination against those with dwarfism, proportional or otherwise. as well as petite or small human beings in general. who do exist and have rights just like anyone else to be treated fairly and not discriminated against, do to age, race or height, disability, etc. etc.

  • This is (currently) a form of bad business practice, and false advertisement. both of which have sever monetary or legal penalties in both USA and international courts.

  • The 10 persons who repeatedly attempt to discourage private/semi public discussions here on the forums, to encourage others to 'just start a class action lawsuit' are very unlikely holding ANY real or true concern for SEGA/PSO's wellbeing or livelyhood. & am a bit surprised they are allowed to continue flaming / spamming threads on the official forums with responses such as this.

  • i want what is best for sega & pso, but if i am forced to take legal action in order to ensure the safety and protection of the buyer/consumer's rights. i will unfortunately take such actions, but have come here to discuss these matters with Sega's mods or team as i would greatly prefer not to be forced to do such.

as for Apollo, i say to you, that you are wrong. not everyone who wants a small character is looking to roleplay as a child, or is attracted to 'lolis'. other games have rules against roleplaying as a child doing "adult" things, and never had legal issues in the USA. even if said games like IMVU had content which specifically catered to (and encouraged) both sexual roleplay & ingame activities much more riske than a poledance emote, as well as encouraged ageplay, so long as the 2 were never intermixed on their game/service.

  • There is nothing wrong with being petite. or small. implying otherwise is technically called 'petite shaming' and is a form of body shaming, of which a person has 0 control over their inherited height or stature they were born with.

i could say, that those handful of individuals who objectify small humans & then project their self shame onto others by suggesting "they look like sexy children" is something wrong with their own minds. but it's very clear if you simply understand that their arguments are all built on a foundation of blind discrimination and hatred.

racism, and sexism are real issues in the world (albeit at times over inflated, to entice "us vs them" cult mindsets) but there are still other forms of discrimination that exist as well, which are not covered due to being unpopular or making less money from click bait articles. but simply ignoring these issues or censoring their discussion WILL NEVER make them suddenly go away. or solve any real world problems.

  • it's also rather disturbing that a stalker has been permitted to harass members on this forum/thread. or the fact of also allowing individuals like that to make slanderous & unfounded accusations against another member of the forum. despite their being rules which try to encourage healthy debates, while discouraging attacks on other members, already being put in place.

That's about it i guess.

by keeping censorship in place, or not removing it, sega risks...

  • False advertisement penalties
  • Coppa law violations
  • Discrimination lawsuits.

where as simply offering players the content as advertised, would mitigate or prevent those undesired consequences from occuring.

  • saving them from lost revenue & years of legal trouble

@Silvalance Fair enough. I'm just saying it's not private, so it's not really that creepy imo. More of an investigative thing.

@KYBELA Not to shoot your argument down but I don't wanna read an essay about this lol