The censorship on being short should be removed. Round 2

Just report him- he's ban evading and refuses to learn why he was banned in the first place. Or simply doesn't care- either way he's breaking forum rules.

From here on just act like he doesn't exist. He wants to lock threads.

Report and Block "Knight". He is Paladin, the banned user.

Do not try to respond to him, he could have violent attacks of psychosis.

@HarmlessSyan said in The censorship on being short should be removed. Round 2:

@Emmerson-T-Kenny but it's amusing


@Paladin said in The censorship on being short should be removed. Round 2:

I am a 50 year old man

roleplaying as

@Knight said in If they lift the censorship and height restriction I will quit the game!:

I am only Fifteen


If I remember well there is also a third alias, something like "Guardian". In the end it is always the same person trolling in the forum

@HarmlessSyan To be fair, the second post was obviously a joke lol

@ApollosAmour look at their post history, basically all of their post on Sept 6 had this tone - the day Paladin was banned and this account was made. Seems like he is trying to RP as one of his daughters.

But yea, it's cause trolls like these that these threads always derail. Ban them and they just make a new account

@HarmlessSyan Maybe, but that one just comes across as being really smartassey lol

The threads derail because of everybody. There's very few people that actually set out to purposely derail or lock threads. The majority just want to talk about broader topics and people, so the discussion wanders off from the OP. If you go through past pages, you can see periods where people are agreeing with each other but still end up at the point where someone has to remind them to stay on-topic.

And to be fair, you bumped the thread after a few days to post something off-topic too. Just pointing out that we're all guilty.

@Silvalance To be fair, when he was role playing the fifteen year old, the Knight account was at that time, named Pookie. It was later renamed to to what you see now.

I think I'm just going to call Knight Pookie from now on.

@Anarchy-Marine Obviously these are just guesses, but 3 users with a similar name, Guardian, Paladin and Knight, also have a similar avatar, the chances that it is the same person are very high, especially for how he behaved. I doubt he will come back at this point, he should use a completely different nick to not be recognized and continue to troll in a different way.

@ApollosAmour You may be right about the redundancy of these threads, but it's also a way of telling SEGA that we haven't given up and we want them to do something about censorship, not necessarily removal, but a compromise like the proposed toggle option in the other thread.

@Silvalance I was just making a joke about Knight/Palidin having to pretend to be a fifteen year old girl, with the nickname Pookie, to try and win the argument. I think it's hilarious.