The censorship on being short should be removed. Round 2

@Akonyl Oh they do long as your arm parts aren't long as sticks.

You know how some arm parts have massive shoulders that go beyond your head? They affect the height to my knowledge too.

@Yin Thanks for posting about the max height. I'm hoping the more it's corrected, the less people will keep using it as a defense.

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@Paladin Can you prove that 80% of the people have deplorable agendas. I personally made my main character above the limit at around 165 cm. I find it difficult to believe that 80% of the people who would support the height restriction being removed have depraved thoughts.

I know I won't be giving up on removing censorship like the height restriction any time soon.

I personally do not need to prove anything.

I personally do not care what you care for personally.

I personally know you can go to play the JP Client if you dont like it.

I personally do not want to see the restriction, thus other things being removed as a result.

I personally do not want to see player female avatars with flat chests, non existing hips, wearing a thong that also, humorously, does not grab their non existing hips at all but instead is clearly seen loose.

I personally do not want to see any of this, along with the highest pitch voice, knowing exactly what the kinda person the one behind them is like.

I personally do not care you wont give up, I and others will continue this fight. If you do not like it, Mod it in, or go play JP where you belong.

You may be against what I want, but if every other pro censor said and used this exact argument, people would see a lot more honesty around here. That's right, it's what you want. No laws attached, no saying what others think. Agree to disagree. I was honest multiple times with why I wanted the height restriction removed, and I'm glad more people are being honest on why they want to keep such censor.

And for the record, I didn't want to see females with thongs dancing sexually in lobbies, not minors, not adults. Reason why I don't go to lobbies for long and refrain from the more populated places.

You want honesty little man?

Very well.

I am a 50 year old man with a 41 year old wife, and six children. Yes, thats right, Six Children. 5 daughters with our youngest being a boy who is seven years old. Eldest daughter graduated from college, before her is in college, and the other three are 10, 13 and 15.

My Wife, myself, my 3 youngest daughters and my son, all play PSO2. I give them all an allowance of 3k Arks Cash per month, and before any of you mouth off about that, they all probably have more cosmetics than any of you who spends up to 5x that amount, because they are smart with it, and uses it towards means that allows them to purchase all the cosmetics they want.

I showed my wife these examples. as well as both of which one of the Hero's has placed up. My wife whos only really played small games like Animal Crossing, a few mario games, and Candy Crush, first mmo for her here, flat out said "They look like the same age as our youngest daughters...." and before you spout more nonsense, its not only age, but body type as well, she would know best afterall, being their mother, she has very wide hips, and all five of them take after her. So to normal "Barely Gaming" or non-gaming parents like her, what you all wanna make with the height restriction removed, looks like under aged children, and we all know they WILL be sexualized unless proper censorship is put into place.

Also do not even try to spout nonsense of the "M" rating, we both know plenty of children around the world, spite having to make a North American account due to the game being, North American, thus following, North American, Censorship laws, play this game, of varying ages. Honestly I am surprised the game even has a M Rating but well I guess those chair and pole dances helped contribute to that. I know full well how tame this M rated game is as compared to say Doom Eternal, CoD, Battlefield, and other popular M Rated games kids play.

Either way, in the end, height restriction has to stay.

Because will tell you now, if it gets removed? I wont allow my daughters, or my son, to play the game anymore, thus no more spending of arks cash for them, and I myself and my wife, will, with extreme prejudice, immediately kick any Loli-user who clearly sexualized their under-aged looking character up, out of the group, without any warning, period, the instant we see one come in.

I am sure many others who dont want to see that crap will absolutely do the same.

Then the next threads to be constantly made that should be locked like this one on sight will be.

"I got kicked for making a Loli"

Theirs your honesty.

@Paladin Your daughters and sons shouldn't probably be playing it. I am going to talk about the M rating, because that is what it is for. It's up to the child's parents/guardians to know the media they are consuming. The game isn't designed with your children in mind; it is designed with adults who can tell the difference from fiction and reality in mind. You can already make loli characters; it is not like the JP servers is some depraved place, most people there are good people. The game can run just fine without the height restriction. Other games did fine when they uncensored their shorter, more child-like races, such as Tera with Elins and BDO with Shai.

The game won't lose any money if the game gets uncensored; the game won't be harmed in anyway if it gets uncensored. Other MMO's uncensoring their games have proved this. No one cares if you and your wife will kick anyone who makes a loli character, they'll just find another group. If anything, most people probably would not care if someone made a loli or shota character.

Furthermore, your example doesn't not portray everyone who wants the height restriction removed; it doesn't even portray everyone who wants to make a loli/shota character. Just making a character of that type doesn't mean someone is planning on sexualizing them, and people can make short characters for other reasons, such as being that short in real life.

So again, I am going to stand by the position that the height restriction is unneeded.

Your kids shouldn't even be playing the game. I mean lobbies are already filled with the exact thing you said look like kids so I don't know how 10cm less is going to affect you. This game has all sorts of craziness in it by not doing a quick 5 min search about content in this game before playing it you're just being irresponsible.

It's not even just about the height or cut scenes. It's about the continued censorship all of this brings as a result. If they are willing to censor such minor things then it's pretty clear more and more will continued to be censored to appeal to a tiny minority audience that takes issue with this. We've seen it far too many times with companies before that cave into this outrage to avoid any negative press hindering the experience of many to appease a few. The recent name changes for the slave weapons is a clear indication of this. One person made a thread about it with a handful of people who somewhat agreed and they were willing to make the change fairly quick on something that shouldn't be an issue for anyone to begin with just to avoid any potential issues/negative press. Nobody in this generation or the previous had to live through slavery. Word shouldn't offend anyone in the US let alone people playing this video game.

It's gotten to the point where people know how ridiculous all of this crap is that they can troll these companies on purpose into making changes to their product with fake outrage. Downright hilarious and sad.

@Paladin From what I understand, you are not allowed to permit a person below 17 or whatever the ratings board on your country denominated as allowed age, to play this game at all. It doesn't matter if it was Teen rated before. It's M rated now and that's all that counts. Anybody who played as a teen with the old teen rated is advised to stop playing until they reach the legal age for it. It's a draconian thing, but blame Sega for switching ratings AFTER the game was released.

I do not know if the rating boards or anyone in government can actually enforce anything. But on the other hand, any side effects coming from your children's exposure to M content will be on you. The content was deemed inappropriate to those age groups for a reason. And it does not matter if other children play it. These are under your care and part of your care is preventing them from accessing media not suitable for their ages. This is the problem with current society normalizing incorrect behaviors and then using them as excuse to try and get away with even more incorrect behaviors.

Do note that I'm not telling you to stop. I'm telling you it's not correct. Go from there as you will. As for kicking anyone using characters you do not want to see from your groups, that's your decision and nobody needs to add anything to that. So go as you will on that too.

@ZorokiHanuke Ratings (at least in the US with ESRB) aren't meant to be legal restrictions for who is allowed to play a game. Rather, they are advisory guidelines that assist a parent in determining if a game is right for their children. There is no legal enforcement outside of selling M rated games to minors. It is purely up to the parent or guardian to ensure that the media a child consumes is proper for them. If anyone under the rating's suggested age plays, there are no legal consequences, and it is the parent or guardian's job and prerogative to enforce it or not.

The only thing that is legally enforced is the sale of mature rated games to minors.

I won't give up for the fight to get ALL THE CONTENT AS INTENDED, but it seems that SEGA doesn't want my money, so I may spend it on a game that promotes freedom and no censorship.

While I understand the concerns, I do wish they would communicate with us, so that we could at the very least bargain a little bit about how censorship was done. As of right now I feel like they are taking a sledge hammer approach.

Unlike tera where elins still existed in the game, just the armor was adjusted, they have literally deleted the option in this game.

To those that support the NA height restrictions, I would like to ask if 10cm will really make the diffirence between "This visual is upsetting" and "I do not like what I see, but am not upset?"

As for a filter toggle, I believe the responsibily of enabling content filtering should fall on those that want their content filtered. However, would a no default be acceptable to both sides? How about upon signing in after a toggle is implemented a promt to use NA or JP sensebilties is presesented, with neither option selected, and the choice persistent there after.

Altered or cut cinematics; do what TV edits of movies do. Present a "the following has been edited for content" bumper at the start of the affected video. Maybe include a link to watch the original? Either way the existance of an edit is tranparent and those that wish to view the origial version know to pursue it.

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In my opinion they can restore the height slider and make it exactly like the JP version, and this in no way can be a problem. The height restriction doesn't seem like a censorship to me, but worse, it's something very badly applied, and should be restored to give everyone the chance to be free to create even shorter characters. (This game is all about the customization imo)

As for the removed and altered scenes on EP4, they might be questionable on some countries, and I don't comment on that because I don't have enough informations. The only thing I can say is that it would be nice to have the game in its entirety.

They're legal to show in the US, so I'd imagine some form of IP verification as to which patch information would be easy.

However, it would ruin the convenience of a Global game. But that's not my financial problem to solve, let alone care about.

@Archetype-Luna I assumed as much. So a parent allowing their underage children to consume content not suitable for them is not on the "you can't do it" line, but on the "you are doing it wrong" part. Still regardless, it's an irresponsible thing to do, and as I said, the guilt for any ill changes on their children caused by such media it's on those parents. Because unlike most adults, more children may have a less firm grasp between fiction and reality. Sure, going on individual cases, some children may already have enough maturity for it, but I wouldn't even try it, and it's why the ratings use a fit-all age gauge.

@zubkoa I'm on the camp that would like a toggle and I don't mind having to go through the trouble of finding it in options to flip that switch. As I keep saying, I dislike most kinds of overall sexualization in games not made for such, but I don't mind nor care if others like it. Whatever floats their boats. I just want to enjoy my games without it if possible, because if I want adult content, I'd prefer to find it in actual adult themed media and not outside of it. So yeah, for me, a toggle would suffice.

I'm surprised when people still use the 80% of every block is nude chars pole dancing !!.. to argue that everyone would capitalize on the restriction being removed by exploiting it as much as possible.

This is the "lewd" block on my ship..

There's literally not a single character even in a swimsuit.. I mean- there is -that- alliance.. But you can simply turn off alliance names in the options. What they're wearing and their heights are not bothering anyone. For the sake of the argument- people grossly overexaggerate the community. Well.. I can't speak for other ships I guess. But it's really not bad here at all.

Even if there was a few- it's stupid to penalize the whole to punish the few. I've got about 1000 hours on NA and I haven't even had a bad conversation with people. Everyone is nice- albeit not always mature.. But they've never been rude. Haven't seen people namecalled or told they suck or anything like that. It's just people enjoying the game. Hardly the type to kick and scream if they were allowed more freedom in their creator.

@Paladin Not that I totally disagree since my parents allowed me to play Resident Evil and BloodRayne and stuff like that when I was too young, but anyone's experience in-game besides you and your wife is moot to this discussion because they're not the target audience. That being said, I do respect your concerns.

@Zenny I don't think it's all correlated. They're not going censor crazy imo so much as there's things they anticipated may not fly with a global audience and things they didn't anticipate that they have gotten complaints on, like the term Slave. I disagree with it being changed, but like the height cap or altered/cut EP4 content thus far, it's so minor that it doesn't really matter to me.

@Frost-Soar You should. Nobody's being forced to play PSO2 or spend money on it. You should only invest your time and money into things you really feel positive about.

@zubkoa I don't find it visually upsetting, but I do cringe pretty hard when I see loli characters. Personally, if they could be shorter and flatter-chested, I would definitely cringe harder. My philosophy on it though isn't whether or not the higher cap is a permanent fix to the problem, but rather that if it can make even 5% of a difference, then it has a reason to be there.

@MoldyAsp33874 Everyone's experience is different. Just like how some people can view the concerts peacefully, other people get porn SAs spammed for the entire duration; or how someone's UQ party can be great, other people get ACs spammed outside of party chat saying inappropriate and cringe things. Same thing goes with the characters being created. Enough of us have seen it to where we oppose restoring the cap, even if we don't represent everybody.

@MoldyAsp33874 yeah, I identify fairly strongly with my character, so wearing lewd things would be kind of embarrassing. I do feel like I'm being punished for something that I don't even do.