The censorship on being short should be removed. Round 2

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instead of giving an answer to the topic and giving us information about the topic of censorship, it is simply closed golfclap

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Hello guys, I will be moving this topic to the In-game Suggestion. Also, just a fare warning to all, please be civil when replying to other comments to avoid future inconveniences.

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I do agree with the censorship removal. Those who don't, just look the other way and self policy? (Or at least bring some argument to the debate)

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No, I'm just asking to everybody to do a healthy debate and not go up to the neck of those you don't agree. GM Sohee already gave us the warning.

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So the list of arguments, on both sides, that I saw, in a peanut shell is (oversimplified)...

Pro-censor: It's against the CPPA.

Anti-censor: Not only it doesn't affect ratings by ESRB, it doesn't go against CPPA.

@Frost-Soar I know you said oversimplified but the pro-censor arguments are more in line with morals and not wanted to see small "child like" characters on the screen when playing which at least for this game gets completely dismantled when you realize people already make small characters that are practically naked in this game. It's not a minority either, at least not on ship 2. Couple that with the fact that there is data out there that basically proves that for eastern MMO releases, small characters are by far the most popular choice among NA players. Also dismantling the minority argument that is often brought up.

Sure if you were to ask ALL of NA what they thought about these characters they either wouldn't care or would not like it but they do not play these games and most do not play games at all. The majority audience that plays these games though do not care.

I feel that there can definitely be more discussion on this subject.

Here are the following forms of censorship that I have found in the game so far:


I can provide evidence that the game would not run afoul of the CPPA if it removed the current censorship.

Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition.

The Act does not cover drawings, cartoons, sculptures, and paintings that depict youthful-looking persons in sexual poses; it supplies an affirmative defense to persons who disseminate visual depictions involving adults who may appear to be children, provided that the depictions are not promoted or presented as child pornography, 18 U.S.C. 2252A(c) (Supp. V 1999); and the Act does not apply to visual materials in which sexually explicit conduct by children is understood to be taking place, as long as the sexually explicit conduct is not itself visually depicted.

PSO2 does not promote itself nor present itself as child pornography. Thus there is a legal precedent for it to not be affected by the CPPA.

I can confirm that at least the removed story cutscene would not affect the game's rating by the ESRB or other rating boards. Rating boards consider everything within the game's files to be part of the game's contents, which the cutscenes are; the dubbed voice lines were found in the game's files. We can see a past example of this with GTA San Andreas and its infamous Hot Coffee Mod; the mod only unlocked sex scenes that already existed in the game's files and that was enough to constitute a re-rating by multiple rating boards. As the removed cutscenes are within PSO2's game files, they would be subject to the same policy.

One more thing I would like to add to the Anti-Censor Argument: The height restrictions are discriminatory to adults who fall outside of its limitations. I am barely within the current restricted heights as I am only around 155 cm tall, and I have adult friends who are shorter than me, below 150 cm.

There is also precedents for the censorship to be unnecessary set by other games. Senran Kagura has many characters under the age of minority being shown in explicit situations. Final Fantasy XIV allows for characters to be under PSO2's height restrictions; my female au'ra is shorter than the minimum height in PSO2 and I can dress her in skimpy swimsuits without anyone batting an eye and plenty of emotes can seem provocative like the new Bee's Knees dance. Said same emotes and skimpy swimsuits can also be worn by lalafells.

I also ultimately feel that differences like censorship would prevent PSO2: NGS from getting a unified service like how FFXIV is set up, and I believe that form of management is superior to having segregated regions.

Can't you people keep this topic condensed into 1, singular thread?

We don't need multiple posts on a thing like this, just do a mega thread or something, ffs.

@Loona If multiple threads are kept running, might give more weight to the issue. Technically other threads focus on one particular censorship issue or at least started with that intention.

They may have also been marred by incredibly heated discussion so a new thread where calm discussion is held can be easier to submit by GM's to the devs.

Also, this was originally made in general discussions and then moved here.

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I agree that the censor should be changed TILL we get official confirmation from the developers/publishers on why it was implemented in the first place.

Otherwise the game directly violates advertisement laws on the grounds of false advertisement which requires you to tell if your product HAS been changed or altered from the original product when you advertise it as the FULL content.