Constant DC

So whenever i play in general sometimes it will Disconnect me however i heard you can get perma banned if its during a UQ or any multiplayer event like PVP as well, EVEN if it is not intentional. So am i going to get banned for bad servers? (Running at 200Mps DL/10mps Upload)

I'm getting randomly booted from the server too, about the same internet speeds, usually in the morning. I can always reconnect instantly but its annoying when it happens during a dang Tokyo gold run!

for what I know no one gets banned because DC, they are just throw into low priority also your speed doesn't mean much for connection to a online game is the jittering and ping the important ones, you can have the fastest internet ever made but if your jitter and ping are simply bad you gonna suffer with DC

It is all mostly based on the ping, as mentioned above and the ISP itself. It doesn't matter what your upload and download speeds are when it comes to streaming to an online server like this kind of lobby-based MMO. Personally, I have Spectrum in the USA with 100MBPS and have never been disconnected even once, even with longer play sessions. My ping is normally around 16, which is perfect for an MMO. Above 50 ping and it starts getting worse. If you don't live in the USA or the main continent of North America, your ping probably won't be that great, since all the servers seem to be in the continental USA.

Yah but I AM in NA.

@Hatsodoom the region doesn't matter what matter is the quality of your internet connection and even in US there are some places that have pretty bad internet connections.

I feel like you're blaming the victim here.

@Hatsodoom said in Constant DC:

I feel like you're blaming the victim here.

That isn't blaming the victim. It is blaming the middleman, the ISP. As stated, not everyone has the problem. It is normally only people in specific locations, and possibly with specific ISPs, as well. With the internet, everything goes through specific "tunnels" to reach their destination. When there is an issue, it normally selects another "tunnel" and if it eventually runs into too many roadblocks on the way to or from the destination, the connection is lost, even if just temporarily. That is the issue with a node-based infrastructure, which is unfortunately the only way to actually make the internet possible at this time, at least. The issue then comes down to whichever ISPs manage the specific paths between you and the server you connect to.

@Hatsodoom I'm not blaming you unless you were the one that set up your entire connection with the internet and all the cables in that case I will blame you.

what I'm saying is that your location doesn't matter to the quality of your internet connection, that can be fault of your ISP, the type of cables that are being used, the distance to the routing server, the distance to the host server or a giant list of other things that can affect the quality.

Now if you want to know the quality of your connection try to access sites that check your connection and inform you about the ping and jitter