Hunter or Braver.

I'm a new player and loving the hunter, hits hard and fun to play but i would like to try the katana only braver as i hear a lot of players rave about it but is it better/equal to the hunter, many thanks.

Sub braver

Which one to main ??

Honestly, most properly built class combos can be just as effective as the others, so it mostly comes down to your personal preferences and likes in terms of what you want to main.

Your best option is to first level Hunter since it is a good universal Melee subclass, including for Braver. If you can find/equip an all-class or Hunter-equippable Katana, you can use Braver as your sub to get a feel for it. If you end up liking Katana use, then you are good to go to then switch over and level Braver, and if you don't, then you can just keep playing Hunter with a more effective subclass (like Fighter for the best damage multipliers, or Summoner if you want to be bulkier and use support Techs).