New player .need suggestion regarding mouse or controller use on pc.

So I am downloading the game . My question is that I have a mmo mouse razer Naga which has 12 buttons on its left side where your thumb sits . Should I play with controller or mouse and keyboard ?

that's up to you in what you find more confortable, PSO2 uses a 6 attack combo so you can pull those with a common mouse or a controller without any difficulty so if you have both try then and see what is more confortable

Arguably keyboard+mouse is "better" because accessing things like chat shortcuts and your subpalette are much easier to do on the keyboard, as well as certain movement techs/aiming with OTS view. That said, I find keyboard controls to be pretty awkward and PSO2 is very clearly designed with controllers in mind, so playing with a controller feels very natural and comfortable. I've tried both and even as a Ranger main I can't stand keyboard+mouse for extended periods so its controllers for me!

If you're playing controller on PC tho, don't forget that you can still use your keyboard. It can be a bit awkward depending on your setup, but I find it's more practical to use keyboard for the majority of my subpalette (selecting a skill/item takes too long on controller so I just keep it over my main skills on one side and reach over to use items) and chat macros when needed. I'll also quickly swap to mouse for turret aiming, so I guess I kinda play hybrid keyboard+mouse+controller...? but uh, I might be a bit of an outlier, who knows lol.

Anyway, try out both and see what you like the most! If you have 12 thumb buttons then mouse might be easier for you anyway if you can sort out a good layout for yourself.

Thx for the replies people

I used to play controller a lot but then learned Keyboard and Mouse then never really went back but I agree with all here try them both and see what works for you. 🙂

i use controller when i feel lazy and just chill...keyboard and mouse whenever i feel the need to even use my sub or for having a better i cant aim with controller its a nightmare

I simultaneously use keyboard and mouse with a controller. I use a PS4 controller and have set the touch pad to specific sub pallete slots. I also hold my controller above the numpad on my keyboard so I can switch weapons using my pinkies.

I used to use a Logitech G700, but it was old and the bottom forward button was triggering the button above it so I replaced it with a Logitech G600, and frankly I'm loving the extra buttons for easy menu useage and sub pallet swapping.

Compared to a Naga I get a ring finger click that can be used to double up the 12 buttons, but for PSO2 I find it handy to just have it as my 3rd attack. That being said, I was looking over the Naga for when I had to replace my mouse, and honesty 12 buttons I think is solid for PSO2 to give a ton of flexibility for how you play.