Profound Darkness Issue - Why does NA/EN/GL PSO2 withold relevant Urgent Quests?

I have seen 1 Profound Darkness Urgent Quest mission in the past several weeks, and i am often on at least 12hours a day. Perhaps it appears while I am asleep, but I'd like to know why so many Urgent Quests that are irrelevant? Falz Arms & Luthor have no drops that are worth using or farming for, yet, this is the only urgent quests to appear 99% of the time outside the new "Beach" Wopal UQ/EQ.

I'm not so much concerned with the answer of "why" we are receiving Urgent Quests that are not worth running. but i would like to see Urgent Quests that are actually relevant to what players need/expect from the game.

Ever since a youtuber over inflated the market by claiming "Invade unit are best in slot" (which they surely are not) their price had gone from 500k-2.5m for a junk piece, upwards of over 50m, of which they still remain at roughly 20m for a junk piece with 0 augs.

While the vast majority of the playerbase can absolutely find better use from other available units, my own "personal off-meta build" really cannot. I know some really cool people in the game, who have offered me very legitimate suggestions of units i COULD take in the meantime, but it would cost me upwards of 50m+ & they would not actually offer me more Attack & Dex, which is what my build aims for. Some have suggested to me, units which have set bonus effects which offer HP or PP. and while thats nice and all, it is not what my build 'needs'. i am a (very) long way off to affording the ability to have 200pp so it is not my ambition to chase such a thing so early in the game.

I would just like the opportunity to farm for the units myself in profound darkness, but it has been even more scarce to appear since this YT content creator wrecked the market by over inflating the prices. (they are NOT worth 20m or 50m or 100m with 0 augs. period.) it's sad enough that i have never had a single unit piece drop for me in "Profound Darkness UQ", but i just ask that the NA/EN/GL (can we just call it "international" already? like the old (15yr+ old) korean mmo's did?) client version receive more relevant Urgent Quests. The market has been messed up for over a month due to an "officially endorsed" content creator spreading false information (by accident, they did apologize) & progression has become stagnated for the small handful of people who were effected by it. People such as myself who run Ultimate or endgame content almost exclusively. and i dare say are somewhat expected to help less geared or less skilled players run the content that they assume they should be able to do.

Thank you for hearing me out. Please offer the International Client more relevant Urgent Quests, so those of us who are actually playing the game, and spending our real world money, can continue to progress. as well to fix the currently broken economy.

Dark Falz actually has a relevant Elder Rifle for end game right now despite being only 12*. It can actually outperform 13*, even more so if you have the four piece set bonus. The issue with all the Urgent Quests is the fact that they're one chance each time it appears.

The bigger problem is the distinct lack of lvl 71+ content despite the level 80 cap. The only areas with farmable end game content are the ultimate area bosses.

The current urgent quests are relevant if you look at it from a different perspective.

Dark Falz ( EXP ONLY) : Offers decent exp with just a triboost 100% (Maybe 200k a run on XH where each run is 1:30 - 2:00 max )

  • Level cap was recently raised to 80
  • Suppose influx of new players from steam platform
  • Basically just an exp event for new players/ players who aren't on as much as you

Luther ( EXP + DROPS ) : Offers decent exp with just a triboost 100% + almost guarantee 10*+ drop her run

  • same reasons as listed above

On another note...

  1. The chances of players even getting a PD unit are extremely unlikely and they will only get one when they don't expect to get one so don't bother farming in hopes for one
  2. They have updated PD to a new version iirc the PD run that dropped on 8/4 was different than previous PD