Question on what the current end game stuff is for katana braver

Is the katana still Slave or Nemesis cougar for NA? the guide im following hasnt been updated in a few months so i thought id double check before spending the time getting one. Sorry for the newbie question, there is a lot to take in with this game and am having a blast so far ^_^ getting to 75 a lot faster than i had imagined i would. As for armor (units) whatre some good ones i should be looking out for for end game that is? Also Ty in advance for stopping by to read my message and hopefully respond 😃

Yes, Nemesis and Slave are still the top for this version (they were released in Episode 5, so they are better than pretty much any 13* weapon we would have from Episode 4 content),

Ray Units are basically the best option right now, though they pretty much are side-gradable with Brissa and Saiki until they unlock the ability to add Ring Skills to 12* Units. Another decent option is the Gemini Set with a P Drive if you are more defense focused.