(SHIP 1) Ephinea recruiting new active members!

IMG_20200830_1.jpg 17+ only!----Leader: Zeara----- Officers: Tumbling Carrot, Ichika, and Shammi---- Ephinea Alliance on SHIP 1 is currently looking for active members. We're a small alliance currently rebuilding internally and looking for new and old players both to join us to build a new family in the game to enjoy the content with! We would like to be able to run UQs with everyone, just hang out in lobby, or also help new players catch to up with the older players and learn the game. We have a discord server and will soon be holding movie nights as well! ❤ If you would like to join whisper to us or apply to the alliance in game or message me on discord Zeara#1077. You can also sometimes find us on our home block of B16. ❤

New player that's looking for a new game to play - ARPG fanatic: PoE/D3/Grim Dawn/Wolcen/Etc. Also an MMO raider - WoW & FF14. Saw the plans from PSO2 New Genesis and decided to get into the game heading into that and looking for an active community that does things together. Account is LonelyObliv, Char name is LonelySMN. Currently trying to learn the game on SMN (tried ranger and force as well): only level 69 atm.