they said fashion is "the end game"

Well, coming from monster hunter, at peak fashion point, i was excited about fashion when i've been told it was an important thing there.

Well, fashion is locked behind your wallet, so i thought ok, i don't mind, i'll throw a few € into the game, it's free after all.

Then i discovered fashion is also locked behind RANDOM DROP RATE, so u actually have to spend tickets, sell what u don't like, and find what u like on the market, so i was like, ok, i might get a few thing people like that gonna be selling for a lot. (I haven't been able to trade lol i forgot my personal PW and posted my ticket a week ago, just to receive today a mail telling me they are figuring out my "ISSUE" LOL)

Then i discovered most of the gear are like a total outfill, leaving u just to be able to custom your accessorie.

This is a fashion killing thing, i can't combine part that i like on a set if they are not split like uper / down, and if i just want this cool arm this top i like has, well i can still dream about it 8D ... and as far as i saw, u can't use a regular weapon u had, as a camo, whereas there's a lot of low rank weapon that i loved ...

I really hope new genesys is gonna let us do more than upper down accessories sets because i'm really disapointed atm, hidding all my ugly units and still rockin the same armor i got when i created my character... also hope there's gonna be as much content for male character because it seems we just have a ton of women stuffs ... and not so much for guys ..

What do u think abt this ? do u expect more from New genesys ? i think it wont be different unfortunately, but i hope it will let us go for more combination ...

Except almost every bit of fashion in the game can be bought in the market because people can, and will, constantly sell them.

and no, the game has entire outfits AND Inner/Base/Outerwear that you can customize. You didn't even TRY to actually look at the game's fashion before you came here.

Also yes, there's a ton of content for guys too.

@Ephemiel , the personal shop allows u to get fashion for millions of mesetas, wich arent easy to get if you don't pay anything, i reached lvl 59, i sold every single weapon i dropped, and barely reached 3,5millions. millions are fine, because it's mesetas, but if you wanna get access to fashion early in the game, you will have to pay. not a problem too as i mentionned i don't mind throwing some money at fashion, that's my jam. i got to see the shop on my 1st day, then i forgot my Pw and couldn't figure out there's other thing that upper/down cosmetic. but if you say so, then it brighten my day.

i said men didn't have a lot of stuff, but should have added "in comparison to women", but when i watch at what is currently behing sold, and as i scroll down the prize list, 1/3is for men, the 2/3 is women only, it just feels uneven, even if it still a lot of content for male characters~

Not sure you understand what the term endgame means.

@Mathieu said in they said fashion is "the end game":

the personal shop allows u to get fashion for millions of mesetas, wich arent easy to get

It's hilariously easy to get millions of meseta and this has been proven and shown for years.

@Max-B said in they said fashion is "the end game":

Not sure you understand what the term endgame means.


You have to farm ARKS missions and gathering orders (Dailies and Yerkes' weekly orders) as well as the weekly TACOs from Clotho.

You could also do market flipping but that's far riskier and requires more critical thinking.

@Mathieu I understand where you come from. We see this very nice way to do things in our current game, and hope the next game is pretty much the same or better, only to find things you got for granted in one game are now either difficult to get or plain gone on the other game.

I've been through the wardrobes of a few games. From Tera's almost cash only fashion, to Guild Wars 2's pretty amazing wardrobe system that makes whatever you unlock yours forever to use even on new characters, to Blade and Soul and it's non customizable but super intricate looking outfits, many which can be obtained by beating bosses in dungeons, or simpler looking games like Dragon Nest which comes with the ability to wear head, chest, bottom and shoes as separate things.

I'd pick the good of each and toss it all into a single game, and be forever happy. But that isn't how things work, and for every good thing a game may have, there will always be something not stellar at all.

For this game, you have to start slow if going for the free option. You won't be swimming in meseta at low levels. You will need to have at least some moderately geared level 70+ characters to start getting into the good things. Getting Premium and selling stuff from scratch tickets is an express way to obtain things a little faster, but if you can be frugal with your meseta, you may be able to buy many things off the player market without the need to use prem to sell stuff. For example, I got all I wanted from this current scratch using meseta obtained from dailies and weeklies. A few of the things on this one are pretty cheap while being good looking. I mean, space mech girl outfit that looks like pulled straight from an Evagelion collab was selling for less than one mill. Buy two and you have it forever for all your characters.

Just have patience and a good eye and you will start buffing that wardrobe. Don't give it up. Fashion IS end game.

Just as a note, every character you have can make 2 mil meseta super easily per week just from weeklies, as long as they're level 50+. You'll always have one weekly for 1mil meseta that just asks you to make 200k meseta via client orders (easily doable through yerkes) and one weekly for 600k and one for 400k, which will be pretty simple/quick things to do (sometimes even just "upgrade a unit" or something, but sometimes also something like "clear a time attack" or "clear an extreme quest").

So if you have 3 free characters at level 50+, you can make 6mil meseta each week. Another 1.8 mil on top of that if you do all the yerkes weeklies on each character (just gathering stuff). I'll admit, it definitely sucks when you're starting out/only have one char, but if you keep up with your weeklies you can make a big chunk of meseta for basically zero effort.

@ZorokiHanuke @Akonyl well, first i'd like to thank u too for not being "mad" because i'm wrong on things lol, i'll be patient and keep farming the daily/weekly quests though i'm not feeling like going for 3 characters atm XD ...

@Mattwo7 i guess market flipping means, u get something with the money u currently have, try to make profit of it till u get more and more right ? that's not something i'm willing to risk atm even though it could be fun to start from scratch to skyrocket, only problem is they still haven't solved my pw problem lol ... thnx anyway !

@Mathieu Well, not to pressure you into it or anything, but the sooner you do it, the more meseta you'll make. You don't have to play them that much either, the grind is basically get to 20->do spammy UQs on hard until 40 (part 1 of elder+luther UQs are good for it) -> do floating facility VHAQs to 50 (get a sigma bastad launcher if possible, it'll probably help out for PSE bursts). You should also get a few Main Missions unlocked around 40 that'll automatically dump a few levels on your alts (if your main did them). Then completing the weeklies for the 2mil takes like an hour tops per week once you're at 50.

You should make sure you have 3 characters by the time Episode 5 rolls around at least, because when they release new classes/change skill trees you get free skilltree reset passes per char you have (and those otherwise cost AC/irl money).

@Mathieu said in they said fashion is "the end game":

i guess market flipping means, u get something with the money u currently have, try to make profit of it till u get more and more right ?

Basically yes. You could also try to farm rare crafting materials and much sought after high quality crafted disks and timed abilities like a max level Divine Launcher Type-0 but IDK how this compares to doing this sort of thing in other games like WoW where it's the best way to earn ingame currency.

@Mattwo7 Like in most games, there's usually this one super rare thing one can sell for a good bit of in game currency. Sure, the more p2w a game is, the less chance for this being the case exists. At least PSO2 doesn't have this blatant p2w aspect and most of the more aggressive monetization seems to come from cosmetics.

Now in this game, one of the best things to try (which I hoven't done myself) is to learn and level crafting, and learn affixing to sell weapons/units with good stats. Stuff with +100 or more to an attack stat and a good deal of photon points (PP) may sell rather well to people looking to gear up their alts or even their main.

Sure, these are things you get over the long run and you have to invest a fair bit of brain power and luck to get it right. But it's there and doesn't need an open wallet to achieve.

Like others pointed out, there are full body costumes, and inner pieces that you can get/customize. Then you can dye things to match whatever color scheme you’re going for, and then you can get accessories on top of all of that. You don’t have as many choices as you would in something like FF14, BUT PSO2 has a MASSIVE amount of costumes in general. It’s just... if we’ll get them all or not.

Personally I’m hoping to get the Fate/Stay Night characters, BlazBlue, Trails of Cold Steel, and Nier characters. If we get those, I’ll be happy.

Eh, I'm already pretty happy with what we got so far myself.

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@Mattwo7 I checked the BlazBlue collab and if that was it, it's missing a LOT of super cool outfits. I mean, no Hakumen?