New Bot Spam System

I feel like there isn't a good system setup for banning bot accounts. If someone (a bot) is spamming a website link or certain phrase then it should insta ban them.

Example, if they say " Sell/Buy meseta, use code blah..." I think you get my point. If they say that 3 or 5 times within a certain window like 15 seconds or 30 then it should ban them.

Example, certain phrases should be blacklisted to say. I'm sure someone can get a collection of sites that bots spam and in the system you can make it so they can't say those sites even with the spaces in them.

I hope this really gets looked at. Don't forget, report the bots 😉

Bots will bypass censors until the end of time if it means they can get their site out. Also recently they've started to attach a random string of characters to the end of their messages so that it bypasses any spam-ish filter if one exists.

Autobanning for those is a real dicey solution. People will jokingly mention the site name in comments over private channels, stupid as it sounds and I've seen this implemented on other games where people lost accounts to it. Unfortunately the idea is defeated by other peoples' lack of common sense.

Fortunately, it's been very rare that I've seen a repeat player ID, so their enforcement has been spotty, but they're at it.

What needs to happen is for Sega to make a requirement to unlock Chat, which should be to funnel the tutorial to include acquiring a Chat License, as well as Mag, Aux and Sub-Class Permits. These could be done before they land in a populated Block. I'd say also put a Level block, such as acquire level 10 too.

The issue I have is Sega's apparent lack of willingness to do something substansive about this.

For(i = 0; i <10; i++){If (chatPlayer.Message().length)/2 == ((previouschatPlayer[i].Message)/2){spamCount++;}}if (spamCount >= 10){boot(player);}

Not sure if it's applicable though. I hate dirty chat... Maybe give players a way to ignore chats containing 'x' message, x being a variable or a combination of string and variables.

@AVVSGamer Exactly. I hate it so much I made an alliance dedicated to reporting bots when we see them. No one has joined yet, I don't think there are many others that would go out of their was to report bots.

If a new character/ account gets BL'd or reported by numerous people within a 24hr timeframe... that account is clearly up to no good and should be flagged pending a GM investigation. I don't believe auto-banning any account would EVER be a good option- too ripe for abuse, once people figure out how to trigger it. But offering people a means to block/hide messages from flagged accounts as a whole would go a long way, I think.

(also, RMT REALLY needs to be added to the list of things you can report a person for. "Other" is not a good option, even if you can type "RMT" in the details box.)