Armada's action video thread

Hi, ARKS! I'm creating this thread to share those heart-pounding moments that we sometimes get the chance to record. I hope it will be a good immersion experience to us all! If you have stuff like this, feel free to share too!

I'll begin with an encounter with the big bad cat 😹 Fang Banshee:

Fang Banshee

After a week of searching, Vol Dragon was finally found and dealt with. It turned out to be a much longer fight than expected, making me wonder what will be the next perils of my journey.

Vol Dragon

I want to redo this someday with a more aggressive behaviour.

It's been a while since I last posted anything in this thread. Looking at these earlier 2 videos above again is quite funny, as I didn't even knew that subclasses existed, and even less how they worked, which made things a whole lot harder. Though I'd really like to remake these (someday, eventually 😁 ), I'm going to let them alive, as to show a rookie's point of view. Quite rare!

Now (around 2 months later), a lot has happened! So this time a remembered to record a Castrum Demonica urgent quest, and hopefully we won!

URGENT QUEST - Castrum Demonica: Hostility

If you find this could have been better, please do share your comments. Later on, I will post a defeat version of that same urgent quest too.

Ok, like I promised above, this is a recording of a "Castrum Deominca: Hostilty" urgent quest that turned out to be a defeat. It might help us check it and figure out what went wrong. This video was made right before the victorious one from the early post!

Castrum Deominca: Hostilty LOSE!

There's really nothing new here, except I had a hard time completing this Tokyo Gold Bonus quest as a fighter (with S rank, almost didn't made it!). I can't figure how fighter really works, I just feel it's very strong if knowing how to handle.

Tokyo Gold Bonus Quest as fighter

There's not much action while playing 🎊Rappy Slot🎊 but there's got to have something with some machines. This one for example: Rappy Burst was very easily triggered in 5 minutes, and many times in a row!

Easy Rappy Slot

There's not much action while playing 🎊 Rappy Slot🎊 but there's got to have something with some machines. This one for example: Rappy Burst was very easily triggered, and many times in a row!

Easy Rappy Slot Burst

(sorry for double posting, please someone remove this duplicate post)

Just our favorite mate doing what he does the best! 😁

What is Afin doing?

AI bugging out is always fun to see, in Seabed a few times I've had AI get stuck in large infinite loops because I'd be standing on a ledge they'd fall down, run away to find the stairs / ramp, and then as they ran up next to me they'd just fall in the same place again.

Rappy is being harrassed in the beach by... falspawn, who else?

Rappy harassment

@Akonyl yes, sometimes they come up with funny behaviors! And in that video, Afin shouts "Alright, here goes!" and spins 😁

Challenge Quests with a lot of people! We didn't reach the end, but this is a good demonstration of what it looks like!

Challenge Quest: Decision

Challenge Quest: Strike (I forgot to press the record button right at the start 😀 )