Has ANYONE been able to do C.R. Volcano?

My friend and I just hit lvl 80 and were wanting to do the new Client orders from Hans, 3 of which involve going to CR Volcanic region. However, neither of us can select it. Is it even available to do yet? Did they put it in the new release by mistake? I'm genuinely confused and couldn't find any info about it so I figured I'd make a post.

The Quest just isn't available yet.

Since they seem to be staggering the Episode 4 content, it looks like a bunch of stuff was added in that has things that need content that isn't out yet (like how Valor Rings are in the Ring Shop, but we can't make them since we don't have the solo XQ that drops the [Class] Materials for them), and this seems to be one of them.

@AndrlCh Well that's lame =P I figured that was the case though