Getting Class Excubes?

In the Japanese version, there are Class Excubes that are required to get an extra Skill Point via a Client Order. However, usually, the description of the Client Order in the Japanese version just states what is said by the NPC when they talk to you upon accepting it. An example from the Etoile version of this is that the character says You have to take an "Ascension" quest/mission/trial or whatever. However from what I can tell, nothing like that exists. The Client Order's availability is also available at the same time as your last level-cap unlock/increase quest (IE: 95 cap.) They are unrelated of course, as completing the final level cap Client Order just unlocks the final level cap.

So I've been wondering, does anyone know where to get them? Because this will be an issue for future players if the Client Order text is indeed as vague as it is in the Japanese version.


A player needs to be at level cap and fill their EXP bar to get a class excube. The treasure shop sometimes sells them too.

Class Excubes come from filling up the EXP bar of a class when you're already at max level. This used to be the source for normal Excubes as well, but the recycle shop got added in in... chapter 2 or 3?

Oh, okay, so I'll have to hit 95 before that happens. Thanks so far, lol. (In Final Fantasy XI, you could actually set yourself to not gain normal EXP, and instead gain merit/etc. points once you reached a certain level. This effectively stopped you from leveling until you turned on EXP Gain again. So I'm wondering if in the future they will do something similar.)

The Treasure shop also sells Class Excubes on rotation. (One Class per shop list and a max of 10 Class Excubes each rotation.) I sadly can't really recommend getting them through the Treasure shop, a bit too expensive for my liking. (A Class Excube is 160,000 Meseta or 25 Star Gems.) Not to forget that you probably need to re-roll the shop a couple times to get your specific Class Excube if RNG isn't favoring you that day.