Emote didn't appear...help T_T

I don't know why this happened, but i was excited to get a new Emote (since i only got like 4 new ones...one being free) and when i checked my Emotes and i didnt see anything new added, i was really upset...I have screenshots to show my inventory and my emotes...anyone have any idea why this happened? Would appreciate some feedback...thanks. The emote in question is Swing light 1; Number 39...I got a second one to show that it says i have it already...even though i can't see it.

Item 1

Item 2

Emote Page 1

Emote Page 2

Emote Page 3

There is a big disconnect between some item names and how they are named when they are used. In this case, the Emote is "Rave 1" in the Emotes List. Oh, and the chat command for it is "/la clight1" just to make things even more confusing.

@AndrlCh Oh for Pete Sake -_- God damn you Translators....Just screwing with us again....Thanks mate, i appreciate it....Super annoyed tho...¬_¬