How Do You Do Fellow ARKs?

Fellow Kids Tho

I am diverse and fun.

How about you?

@Rantious said in How Do You Do Fellow ARKs?:

I am diverse and fun.

There is an introduction thread, if that's what you were going for here, btw.

@coldreactive not really, I just wanted to create a topic but didn't have time to populate it with how fun and diverse I am

Okay now that I'm home off work here's what makes me me - I'll probably make threads for each of these but we see.

Those are pretty nice looking @Rantious ! And yeah... those roses look a tad bit for that glass. 😓

On my end just got done unpacking after shipment from my old home finally arrived from overseas. Unfortunately, my new home is much smaller but you'll be surprised what a couple of plants and exotic decorations can do for small empty spaces! 😃

@Leonkh99 awesome, congrats on being done with unpacking - relocation for work?

@Rantious not really. I moved to Australia (from Thailand, though im not Thai, I just lived there) for University studies and since me and my family had our permanent residence granted (though my parents initially stayed behind since they owned a business). The rest of my family after half a year decided to also move over to Australia so we arranged, for sake of conveniences, we would all move together. Our shipping containing most of our stuff from Thailand, unfortunately, experienced some... delays (what else is new?).

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O.K. alt text

waw I didn't think ok boomer could get more punny

@Leonkh99 Oh man AUS is great. Spent some summers down there in the Sydney area. Lots of fond memories. Is it common for people to come from SEA to AUS? I feel like I see it a lot but idk if that's just exposure through the DotA scene or if it's a real thing.

Hail to the Off Topic Other!!

o/ =^.^=

I am doing rather well, @Rantious . Thank you for asking 🙂 Not much to say about me though. I'm just drinking tea and going through the forums lol