Option to remove word filters/censored words?

Can we please get an option that we can choose to toggle on or off for the word filters for the chat in this game? I understand some people will want the words to be censored, but this is not true for everyone, so why not give us the choice? People that use the PSO2 Tweaker can already disable the word filter, so it must be possible to remove it on the client side, so I don't see why this is not an option in the actual game.

Since the meseta selling site spammers (which their entire website is against the ToS of this game) aren't getting their websites added to the existing word filter, I see no reason why we cannot choose to remove it alltogether clientside. It's not like there's other text we still wouldn't want to see even with the censored words no longer being censored.

Besides in the Episode 4 story there is an instance where one of the characters says the word "shit" in a cutscene, so I don't see why we shouldn't even get the option to see other players say curse words as well (or other non curse words that are censored too for whatever reason).

I'm sure a topic like this was probably posted before, but I'm not going to go searching for it since it's been buried by now. Please give us an option to toggle the word filter on or off though.

And to make it even more egregious, if you walk into a heavily populated block at the wrong hour, your Symbol Arts history is going to be filled with porn. Allowing THAT through, but not being able to disable the profanity filter is ludicrous.

How dare you suggest such foul language you son of a uwu

(You can delete the file holding the word filter if you know which it is btw)

Sure, you CAN delete the file, but they all have 36-character hexadecimal file names, so it's not exactly obvious. And considering pretty much every other MMO has this feature as a check box in the settings, there's a BIG gap in knowledge between disabling the filter here, and doing so anywhere else.