Granvina Dress? ( Auroras dress )

anyone know if Granvina Dress will come back to fresh finds or as an AC scratch item like JP..? i missed my chance to get it... idk how i didnt see it on fresh finds, when i was definitely active on june and july.

So far, nothing that has been in Fresh Finds has been re-run, with the exception of some items that were originally only up for a few hours before the Shop had to be pulled down.

seriously? ugh. . .thats pretty stupid of NA. . . = /

smh. guess i wont get another chance - _ - so hard to want to stay on this version.

It might come back to FF in the future, but as it is we're still churning through new content in FF and the scratches, so it'll probably be a long time until anything gets re-run in it.

@Akonyl FML = / thats what i have been waiting for this whole time, the dress, hair pins, and hair.

why is NA doing things SO weird with things... things that are AC, are SG...and some things that were from FUN are not SG too.

NA should be named Phantasy StarGems online 2

hey i know how ya feel. PC missed out on Jean do ( Wrights outfit) as well and has not seen a resurgence but maybe just maybe they will do put it in Season gold pass? They did that for season 1 outfits into season 4 for pc users.

Since they put the normal color version in ff, I have a feeling they will toss the other color variants on there eventually since they tend to do that with other outfits.

@Ketsu i hope so = /.... i hate that NA is doing this bull shit practice. . . but, i hope they bring that shidd back because only things i wanted in NA was auroras set.