ARKS Chronicle (300million in prizes + 6 month Gamepass and Steam/Xbox wallet cards) Ship 1

                                                       ARKS Chronicle


Location: Ship 1-Block 55 (Franca's Cafe)

Time: Thursday, August 20th, at 12:30AM BST/ 7:30PM EDT/ 6:30PM CDT/ 4:30PM PDT

Categories: (Each Category will be a separate round with individuals eliminated each round)

  • Best Dressed: Aim to be the most fashionable. Match your clothes, have a devastatingly awesome outfit to blow people away!

  • Most Unique Outfit:The craziest outfit and hairstyle you can come up with. Aim to look like a giant strawberry, or Uncle Sam, or...a sharknado?

  • Swimsuit Collection: How do YOU look in a swimsuit? This is for all swim-gear wear.

  • Dinner Party Outfits: Dress for Ark Fleet leaders dinner party, will you be invited?


1st Place: 175 million meseta, and a code for 6 months of Xbox Gamepass(can be used on Xbox or PC) Winner: Turnip

2nd Place: 85 million meseta, and a $20 Steam Wallet or Xbox Gift-card! Winner : Victim Ofa Down

3rd Place: 50 million meseta , and a $10 Steam Wallet or Xbox Gift-card! Winner : Lil MiS Thunda

Please do not DM me on discord to ask how you signup, there is no signup just show up the day of.

The event is today folks, see y'all soon!

3 more hours

Now I know why B55 was full but there was nobody in lobby.

Thank you to everyone that came to the event today (hundreds of you), it was a really fun event for me, I hope you all had fun too. I will likely have events like this in the future so any feedback you would like to provide you can send me via dm. Thanks again everyone- hope to see you at a future event whether it is a TA event, Fashion show, or something else!!

Congrats on the event! It'll be cool to see more user-run events in the future.