What to feed mag ?

I'm not sure what stat to raise on my bouncer mag

Tec Dex Mel i'm getting mixed opinions from internet, can some point me in the right direction please this game can be confusing for a new player.

If you don't want to spend real money on extra Mags, and only intend to be a Bouncer or Braver (and eventually, Phantom) on this character, then you can make a pure DEX Mag; the classes I mentioned have default Skills that turn the DEX from your Mag 1:1 into Pwr (MEL-Pwr and TEC-Pwr for Bouncer, MEL-Pwr and RNG-Pwr for Braver, and MEL-Pwr, RNG-Pwr, and TEC-Pwr for Phantom).

If you think that you may end up going with a Melee class combo that doesn't involve any of the aforementioned classes (like Hu/Fi, Fi/Hu, Hu/Su, etc.) then you can instead make a pure MEL-Pwr Mag and just make sure to take and use Switch Strike if you are using Jet Boots.

just what i needed to know thanks, i've got 4 characters for the 4 classes i enjoy playing so can specilise my mag for each character.

DEX é a melhor opção já que você pode se beneficiar das habilidades do Bouncer Mag, Brave Mag e Phantom Mag, use Devices pra aumentar o DEX do Mag que você não vai se arrepender.