Hello~! So I've encountered an issue that all started upon swapping my PQ from Layout A to Layout B. Normally this is something that I can do frequently with no issue. So upon swapping, my game decided to crash, I thought okay maybe it just overloaded trying to swap decorations and such. However upon relaunching the game, every time I attempt to go to my PQ I get stuck in an infinite loading loop. I thought it was an issue with my local game files at first, but after fixing the files the issue persisted. So I asked if anyone else was willing to load into the potential deathtrap. Someone was willing to come by, and they too got stuck into an endless loop, which suggests that its an issue with my specific quarters, or a specific furnishing item. We could still use area chat in the loading screen, and the hourly message from my "Grandfather Clock" still displayed. I submitted a ticket but wanted this to be more public since it will stick other players in a loop. I am now completely locked out of crafting, and anyone who attempts to place a crafting request will get stuck in an endless loading screen. I cannot take down or edit my "crafting sign" during this issue since I need to access my PQ to do so.

Issue came from Episode 3 Visual Poster B Thank you to the other thread regarding this issue and Aida Enna for solution. Likely going to remove all SG swap furnishings until definitive fix.