Do all characters share the same storage and currency?

So I was looking at ways people were making lots of meseta and one of them said that they created another character and got it to level 50 for the most out of it, meaning meseta, I also heard in someone video say "I cant access this Auxiliary, it belongs to a different character" so to put in short I'm wondering what the cons and pros are of making these alts and do they share the same currency on whatever account ur on

There's nothing but pros to making alts. Auxiliary's are tied to each character and I believe you can only have 1 for each character. The currency you make on your alt can be transferred to your main through the meseta storage.

Pros being:

  • Ability to make more untaxed meseta through dailies/weeklies.

  • Take advantage of event quests from npcs since they are generally tied to each character

  • Each character has it's own character storage of 300 base + inventory allowing for additional storage for free.

  • Able to do certain urgent quests like Magatsu more than the limit. (gotta be quick though)

  • Crafting is tied to each character meaning more materials through dailies.

  • Earn more star gems by having each alt wear an outfit for a day.

  • More bonus keys

Pretty sure there's some I missed but in general the extra storage and extra weekly/dailies are the main reason.

@Zenny thanks for the information, I appreciate it

@Zenny said in Do all characters share the same storage and currency?:

I believe you can only have 1 for each character.

It depends on how you see it.

You get indeed 1 free Auxiliary Partner per Character. But a character can have a max of 7 Auxiliary Partners in total, if you buy the other 6 with AC of course.

A room sadly can only display/hold a maximum of 10 Auxiliary Partners at once, due the limit of 10 Auxiliary Partner's chairs and consoles a room can have.

@ErinXh Ah I see. Basically far more convenient. I also didn't know about the limit in rooms. Good to know thanks.