Matoi is missing?

I dont know if this is a correct forum place to ask, if not, feel free to move on right section.

Matoi is disappeared from Gate area!! I dont know if this is intentional and NPC Matoi is moved to another section area on chapter 4, but i still able to recruit her on my ship to join party. She is simply disappeared from the Gate Area and i dont know how to claim her rewards. Any solution?

Matoi disappearing from ARKS ship at the start of episode 4 is a part of the story. She'll reappear later.

@Codehex6034 NPCs do disappear depending in which part of the story you are, that doesn't limit you to recruit then because you recruit the version of a episode you had done still if you want to find Matoi just change to the end of episode 3 and she will appear again

Ty for replies. Will try to roll back to episode 3.


Roll back to apisode 3 and Matoi come back to Gate Area. Tyvm for these info. Problem solved xD