Screen Shot request for those with "Apocalypse Staff Requiem".

Hello there, I'm aware certain weapon camos change depending upon what the equipped weapon is. Presuming Rod is different from the inital preview: Could I please get a Screen Shot of what the camo looks like when it is applied to a Rod?

I have looked all over and have found no such thing on the internet. Since I am getting close, I'm considering dumping money to get the Fallen Heros Ticket and selecting it, and this would greatly help assist if I should, or shouldn't make that purchase.


Like this. The camo leaves red/yellow butterflies like effect with some of the attacks (in this case, normal attacks of rod).


The scratch preview shows dual wielding. Sword, Partisan, Double Saber and Rod uses the longer weapon (named Agrissa), Katana and Wand uses the shorter weapon (named Phantasma), Twin Daggers and Soaring Blades uses both.

Also from JP PSO2 Wiki.*壊世錫杖レクイエム

Ah, I see it uses the individual weapons in the camo, I like that a lot more than giving a ton of different skins depending on the weapon.

That's pretty cool! Ya if I get my hands on a ticket this is definitely what I'd be trading it in for.

Thank you very much!

@Daishi I played the SG scratch a few times. Only got one Item I kind of wanted. Wasn't super excited about the rest, lol.

The sword camo, is coincidentally, one of the things I wanted. So I wish you all the best in your luck, while you attempt to get it.


I thank you for that, I was about 10 rolls away from a claim ticket, everything was free up till then; so I shaved off some more Free SG with the PvP mode then took the plunge; and I absolutely love it.

@Daishi if you liked it, that's great! 😄

They must hate summoners - never see such for them drop anywhere. The burls are out of my range and exaggerated ceremonial isn't my thing. I wish they'd give us a vajra/lightning weapon. Or a diamond prism or something more than a conductor's wand a la magic wand.

To be technically correct (the best kind of correct, natch!) - anything that resonates could be a harmonizer.

Where are my flutes? Pan pipes? Clarinets? Tubas!! Saxophones! Chimes. I mean... I could go on, but you get my point, I hope?

I am so spoiled rotten. I want pretty pets AND pretty weapon in hand.

And I'll dig change out of my couch to pay for it, too! shakes her hands a la granny, as intimidating as a piece of lint