Most Embarrassing Moment

So, like the title says: What is your most embarrassing in-game moment so far?

I'll go first. My Br/Fr (now a Fr/Gu) was in the middle of that June UQ in the forest. Was talking to a friend playing across the room from me and not paying attention to my HP. And so, poor Nei-Kyra was felled by the most dangerous of foes: Mr. Umbra.

Was so far into the red that his mighty cane KOed the poor katana wielder...

Nothing recently, but when I first started the game on the JPN server, I was completely unaware of the Shopping Plaza area for nearly a full week because I assumed that every teleporter in the Lobby was just to change Blocks. I had all these red boxes and I had no idea what to do with them, then I decide to take a different "block teleporter" than normal and bam, there I am in the Shopping Area. I felt so dumb, though I still couldn't do much with those red boxes since at the time the Tekker prices were ten times more expensive than now and meseta was a lot harder to come by.

Being scared to try Challenge Mode because people on JP server 5 years ago made it sound like super hardcore. And saying things like I'd be kicked for not knowing Japanese.

Turns out it's pretty darn easy and fun to do. Very Arcade mode. I should have done it sooner. I was feeling pretty stupid when I finally done it in NA. But I was the biggest noob there is and did not really play JP for long enough to learn the game.

PvP, was using soaring blades on an opponent, and weapon actioned myself into a lake of lava.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Most Embarrassing Moment:

PvP, was using soaring blades on an opponent, and weapon actioned myself into a lake of lava.

Don't worry mate, you aren't the only one to have done that. Hell, I've done it twice.

What the hell is a Fr?

@Shirokami07 You probably should have replied directly to OP, for context.

Kept toggling Guard Stance instead of activating it because we were chain running UQs. Kept wondering why my PAs were whiffing until I realized I wasn't generating focus every other run.

every time I die in the battle server, I always find a stupid way to die there if is not to the environment I die for being surrounded by the enemy team because I didn't pay attention

edit: now let's see when someone will come and say that died when Marron blow up on his face

2 months back i was a level 92 hero at that point if i can remember correctly and did some good successful runs in ultra hard eq's, so i decided to do the eq where you face falze mother and the god of ether who likes boning the moon with his very long sword(giggity). long story short i got destroyed and i was confused more so with the second fights final faze when he practically one shots me with every attack at that point(yes i forgot to enhance my units aswell at that point)so i ended up dieing 5 times i think and i was pretty much kissing the ground when the boss died. This was back when i didn't fully utilize the hero class as well(especially guard pointing i knew it existed i just didn't use it) so in turn i got stomped thus laying there with chronic depression.

@Shirokami07 Meant Fi (Fighter). Not sure where my head was