Does anyone else have issues with starting the game? (Steam Platform)

I downloaded this on steam and for some reason every time I play, as I click start game I get the operation progress update EVERY TIME and it takes over 30 minutes to update or download whatever it is! I have tried to search about what is the cause on this and I hit a dead end. If anyone has any info as to how to fix this please let me know. I honestly do not have the patience to wait 30 minutes just to log into the game. The worse part is if I leave and go do anything else while this "update or download" is happening and my computer goes to sleep while I am gone, it cancels it and I have to start all over again. Again, if anyone knows anything please let me know.

Have you tried looking up Steam's forums or support section? Might be best to find answers or responses to your problem.

Odd? the game should only update itself once, and thats it. unless its new content or a major patch, then ya , I could see it. Hmmm.. I had a similar issue when I first played PSO BB, it had the similar problems. and all I did was to disable my antivirus program. If you are solely using windows defender, add the exception for PSO2. Im going be honest I'm not a technically inclined, But - I have had some experiences that I found solutions from my own endeavors.