Missing Xbox Beta Items

I've sent two support tickets about this already, the first one was over a week ago.

I literally just got pulled out of the beach urgent around 30 or 40 minutes ago - was running around picking things up and then noticed after a few minutes I was the only thing moving, and then the entire game, all of the servers, and even this website went down (east coast). I'm betting any rares I picked up while everyone else was motionless is forever gone.... This happened in the closed beta too and was keeping people from completing the prologue/tutorial mission because the walls wont lower without a ping to the server so your character is infinitely stuck, walled into the forest.

And something similar seems to have happened to my Photon Halo A and C tickets, Dreamcast evo device, and the other items I put into my storage from the Xbox beta. I have the stuff that was distributed before it (Photon Halo B & Salon Pass), I have the stuff that was distributed after it (Flowen's Sword skin), but anything from that "complete # of urgents during the closed beta" campaign, including the 500AC ticket from the post-beta survey is just gone as if it weren't there. All of it should be in my default storage but it's not.

Is there any way I can get in touch with a GM that can restore the items to my character in-game? I submitted my login history info with the ticket, screenshot of the beta participation, and other info showing I was there, met the requirements, etc. After tonight's disconnect, it's 100% clear that something screwy happened with the connection - I didn't notice til now because I was one of those dum dums that was only logging in quick on Xbox since February to grab and store items & said "hey I'll just wait and enjoy this on my PC" .... and then the Microsoft Store happened.

Steam is finally working great and literally EVERYTHING else is where it should be, but those particular accessories, mag, skin, and AC ticket (and I think a small handful of Triboosts) got Thanos'd out of existence and I can only look at tonight as a horrifying realisation that if I keep playing and the game disconnects in a way that it loses track of my character & progress, I'm worried none of my stuff now or in the future is gonna wind up being safe from these technical problems.

And no, these were not accidentally dropped or spent. These were placed in storage with EXTREME OCD and knowledge of how easy it is to accidentally spend things like SG and whathave you from the JP version. Is there that has experienced the "everyone is frozen and nothing you do matters" issue? It's seriously a continuous dark cloud hanging over my head as I otherwise enjoy the game. Please help.

It's been close to two weeks since I sent my first ticket to Support and there has been no acknowledgement that this is being looked at or resolved. There's a second person now that's posted here about a similar-sounding issue, and now we have this phantom Visiphone redemption bug that's plaguing everyone....

@GM-Deynger It's already the end of the month and I've seen absolutely no response from support about this. I'm still missing my accessories/camo/mag/500 AC.