Checked Everywhere for Persona P Ticket and Found Nothing

I'm not sure if it's a complete oversight on my part or some kind of storage system that I am not aware of but I can't find the Persona P Ticket that I got from scratch bonuses. I checked every storage I know I have and I also can't find it in my inventory. I never had any real motivation to use the AC Scratch tickets asides from the FUN Scratch tickets but this is one of those times where I really wanted to use them. Can anyone please direct me the right way to knowing what happened? Do I get it later on through the Visiphone or am I overseeing something so obvious? Any kind of help is appreciated.

Is there not a option at the bottom of the list when you select the scratch that says something about using a ticket just below the prize list option

@VocaloidAI 7de81aff-3825-47f5-bb9e-55e7895fbbb3-image.png Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on.