So i was up late around 2-3am last night on August 13 2020 playing some PVP before i got off. I turned in my casino coins and BP to get the weekly SG i was at around 1100 SG trying to save since their was not much to get right now. The next time i logged on around 2PM same day i noticed that my SG was at 484 and i know i didn't make any purchases with my SG aside from the ONE 10SG i used for the pvp slot at the end of the round so im basically missing 700SG or something close to that from my account is their anyway i can see a Transaction list for any SG usage cause if not my SG just magically vanished

Check to see if you bought an additional permanent collection sheet slot, instead of discarding and setting new collection sheet item(s).

Says SG expansion 1... That probably means that their was a purchase.So im assuming that i cant get back the SG for that accident purchase? Cause thats basically 40$ i just lost

Yeah, it happened to me. I didn't get a refund either. At first, I was pissed... but now... as long as the 13 star collection sheets items are better than what any bosses drop, I'll just store all the free weapon fodder, lol. Who knows, maybe PSO2 episode 5 will let my Duct tape them together?