Hello! If you clicked on this then that means you're interested, So to begin. Our alliance is a very relaxed and laid-back. We don't require much and all we ask is that you contribute. This alliance is a bit new and I am looking for new officers to add. We aren't competitive focused and I hope that you can find a place in this alliance and community, we are a safe place and you are more then allowed to talk about whatever you would like so long as it's appropriate. If you have any questions please redirect yourself to the discord.

Still not sure? Need more information? Our discord server has a lot more information and things regarding the alliance such as tree buffs and rules.

Shoot me a message if I'm online if your interested if I'm not on then send a message to my officer, or search for us via the visiphone we are currently small.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/8Edu8wv

Player ID: Ortels

Officer Player ID: M1-0

Alliance Name: Flourished Moon