Fuck discord moderators (there is no pso2 official discord)

This man says everything i have to say in the nicest way possible. and i have nothing nice to say about those manchilds that give even extreme weebs a bad name and just feeds the stereotypes.


Considering what happens on these forums all the time I get why there's no official discord. Because if they can't even keep track of trolls in threads that are up for days, punishing them on discord would be virtually impossible for them.

Edit: Not sure why this thread popped up for me 3 months later but it did.

@Riesz I'm sure they could if they were willing to pay the expenses. Yeah, i know, not happening. I wouldn't use it anyway, but it's still true.

This will always be relevant. After all, trying to milk as much money is one thing, but savings are also on the two item list of game designing. Too bad there isn't room for anything else.

Jannies do it for free!

This sounds like the new age version of the "Nerdy? Weak? Not Popular at school? Become a internet forum moderator" meme.