What’s everyone crafting level currently?

I got tech crafting to 37. It’s been slow going from 36 on so far.

I'm at 36 Tech crafting myself

Zero. Affixes and PAs won't carry over to NG so zero Fs given about either.

@havox4 said in What’s everyone crafting level currently?:

Zero. Affixes and PAs won't carry over to NG so zero Fs given about either.

At that point why even play and troll the forums?

More comfy start on NG grabbing things that will carry over. SGs, emotes, units, mags.

8 in the moment, I just gathering most of the stuff to start focus later on

  1. I've been more on the supply side.

You can probably make some decent money selling fragments. I ran through what I saved on techs, and just craft stuff when I find more. Still haven't even unlocked my last slot at level 15 yet. Can only imagine how many PA it took to get to 36 or 37.

I believe I just passed 20 something, as I got that last line out of the basic three yesterday.

What did it cost me? Everything. I’ve probably spent near or beyond 10 mil at this point on fragments and crafting, not to mention at least 200-300 Excubes in the exchange shop. I had what I thought was a good chunk of discs saved up for when crafting came out; I filled my entire premium storage. Needless to say, that’s not enough to make a dent, especially if it’s a mix of all the PA/Tech types.

Good news is I’m at or near some of the stuff that makes a profit if I sell it. Still, the rent is TOO DAMN HIGH!

I’ve spent more money than I’ll ever probably make but once it’s done it’ll be good profit. I can see some combinations now that’s guaranteed profit every craft @ 400k so not bad. Almost 38. I burned through all of my max charges too so that helped.

@failures_not_flattering_is_it Didn't know you could craft, been playing only a few days..how do you craft??