Season 5 Mission Pass Rewards

So, long story short, I came in a little bit after the Steam launch (like a lot of others I had issues with Windows Store that made the game literally un-launchable) and it looks like I lost out on the Season 05 content. I really wanted the Zelsius suit, and from everything I'm seeing it's now basically completely unavailable -- is this going to come back in AC Scratch (please god no?) or an à la carte format like Swap Shops, EX Cubes, etc.?

Like I'd actually pay for it if I could just get it, and some of the other stuff, but it was basically The Cosmetic Thing I really wanted...


Some of the items in the Season 5 Mission Pass (including Zelsius) were actually re-runs from Season 1, so there is a chance they might get re-run again; otherwise, there is no indication that they will give us ways to get items from the Mission Passes outside of the Mission Pass itself.

Heck, having them released through an AC Scratch would be the best possible scenario considering that these Outfits and Accessories originally were part of AC and FUN Scratches on the JPN server and were tradable/sellable, but they have staunchly decided that they are going to make them untradable and only obtainable if you buy the Gold Tier/Premium at a certain time.