I am grateful for the addition of a preview window in Fresh Finds, however only the size of the window is saved, and the main Fresh Finds Shop page is immovable. As you can see, from the second image, I like to have my preview windows as large as possible without overlapping the other windows. Also, the item details window is hidden behind the preview window, even with the default size. Then, if X is pressed they no longer both show up at the same time, but instead alternate. I think it's much more beneficial to have both the preview and Item details show up at the same time, and for them to properly save window position and size data. I have also submitted this as a support ticket.

  • Immovable Fresh Finds Window: pso20200813_124217_165.jpg
  • My Preferred Preview Window Setup: pso20200813_124010_163.jpg
  • Position Gets Reset After Leaving: pso20200813_123954_162.jpg
  • What I'd Consider a Good Default Option: pso20200813_124246_166.jpg