Potential Reason for the Game's Censorship

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The moment you see something that you believe you may not like, literally hit escape and skip. The game is M rated; you are likely going to see things meant for mature audiences. What if they fail to include something that you find too provocative? The moment you see that it is taking place in a bathroom, you can just hit esc and click skip.

You also fail to take into account that it isn't as simple as adding in an extra window to tell someone that they may wish to skip the cutscene. Consider each cutscene as an object with a number of labels on them. To make this toggle work for cutscenes, they would have to add an additional label to every cutscene in the game and then add a value to that label to determine whether or not it would be affected by this toggle.

Let's not forget that the removed cutscene are just one of the censorships that have taken place. You also need to have it apply to character heights, certain cosmetics, and so on.

If this was so easy to do; they would have done it in the beginning. The fact that does this actually does take effort is why companies either censor or don't censor.

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