Adding previous battlepass items like zelsuis suit to be purchaseable with AC

seriously. if youre an MMO with a reliance on microtransactions, STOP. SELLING.ME. SOFTCORE. PORN aka SWIMSUITS. 24/7 in the fresh finds shop. i will play other games for that. not an mmo.

which is pretty hypocritical as its not fresh as the style gets stale rather quickly.

adding some of the sg items like [persona] repentant and zelsuis suit and so on will make me SPEND MONEY on this game and be a good middle of the road to continue selling swimsuits while giving serious players the option to have cool sets as well they can buy in game without the seasonal pass fomo

Yeahhh they'd rather you fork over $160 or w/e the price is to get a ticket from the SG scratch to get the persona repentant as opposed to maybe just paying a few bucks for that item.

Also they spam the fresh finds with bikinis and all that rn only because it's the "summer theme" in the fresh finds currently. Past fresh finds themes weren't filled with bikinis, so the next one shouldn't shove bikinis in everyone's faces