I suggest to make an option to completely disable cut ins from players or even ai's it's irritating and people spamming it on concerts.

Honestly I've wanted this, and the ability to block other people's auto words for a while. Some are fine, but some are straight up obnoxious. I don't see them doing it now since it's been this way for 8 years but if theres any hope that this post can change that, I'd be all for that option.

more options would be nice but you could also just blacklist the person then you won't see anything from them (cut ins included), if they are that bad i don't see you wanting to talk with them anyway?

@ShadowAce Hey, if i could turn off chat, i would. I know you can turn the chat window off, but that doesn't stop the messages from popping up. I can't block every player since there is not enough room on the blocklist.

I have gotten to the point of blocklisting people with spammy autochat cut-ins since they refuse to fix those. I use cut-ins on some of my own autochats, but only on things that trigger once or twice per quest, there are idiots who have cut-ins going off every 2 seconds that need to be blocklisted ASAP.