I know you guys didn't want to spoil the Persona stuff. But is there a point in not updating the current schedule? Now we have to leave the game open 24/7 so we don't miss out on the sg/title/outfit.

Are they even having the concerts before the next schedule update? I doubt it will and that it will most likely be added after next maintenance, personally. I think the Vocaloid collab was the same way, releasing the AC scratch and then the converts with the maintenance.

@Ragnawind there has been reports of people in Morgana suits, that's a title reward for attending Persona Concerts


@GM-Deynger said in Morgana suit?:

I've heard the performers are in town for at least this week. 🙂

@Ragnawind the collabs from P3D and P5D are happening but they are not in the schedule in the site however I attended both concerts so they are happening

Now there is a special schedule for the Persona concerts:


GMs, some of us are doing your Battle Arena campaign! We don't get told about these unscheduled surprise concerts!!

Please think this through and tell us when they'll be!

Edit: Okay, they just did about an hour ago, after two of the concerts had already passed.

You know I used to think the whole communication thing was minor and mostly caused by the constant failure to tell us the schedule for the last Tuesday in a cycle, but maybe this is a more ingrained problem.

I'm also assuming the gifts are one per account?

@ZorokiHanuke said in Concerts:

I'm also assuming the gifts are one per account?

The costume is account-bound.

@Starkadhr Ohm yes, all usually are. I just meant if we could get a copy per character attending these concerts. As in 3 characters, 3 sets of gifts. I seriously doubt it though, since it's tied to titles and those are achieved once per account.

Anyway. I went to the latest concert and it was.... Lemme describe in one sentence.

70's tunes, qte dancing, and an androgynous boy with actual anime cel shading and outlines.

tl:dr, we need clel shading on this game.... on all of it.

Makoto model is just from Persona 3 with no cel shading, PSO2 engine can't handle the cel shading they use in Persona 5 and P3DM and P5DS