Should I report Spammers?

Hello, I was thinking, I was reporting every guy who SPAMMED THE WHOLE CHAT 24/7 with

"sell meseta 1M=XUSD on WWW.PSO2XXX. COM" EDIT: It's an example, that website doesn't exist.

as it's very annoying and doesn't let me chat properly with other players. But is it okay to report this kind of ppl? I got a little scared while reading again that PSO2 may terminate my account if I abuse from this (I think it's not an abuse, they're just everywhere), as there's no "SPAM" section while reporting.

What should I do? Should I keep the reports?


Those are bots, not actual players. Blacklist them (this will mute them and also prevent them from Whispering you, as some people have noted that they have begun to do), then Report using the "Cheating" or "Other" tag and note that they are RMT bots.

Also, you should remove that url from for post, since that can get you banned here for (unintentionally) advertising an RMT site.

On Xbox some are now showing up with actual gamer scores and have played a bunch of games, starting to think that either they stole these gamertags or they bought them, idk I for one black list them and if they have a gamertag like what I just mentioned I will then report them to Xbox as well but if it’s a fresh made account there is almost no point to reporting them to Xbox at lest (just my opinion)

The website doesn't exists lol that was just an example Ty for answering!

Ban one bot, two takes its place. Ultimately it’s a futile effort...

Why doesn’t Sega just take the gold/Mastea place in the market. Why don’t they just sale the option and keep the community safe, make money and this will end the spammers!