August 2020 Bingo Card Bug (Episode 4 Spoilers)

So, for some reason, even though I completed Episode 4 "When I Opened my Eyes" on a different character, it prevented it from being completed on any other character. It's E-5 on the front.8bc453e8b886e56d5568b6b408513610.png 3d832ccc7be65f569445c4572eb00679.png

You have to run the Story Quest once on each of your characters for it to complete on each of their Bingo cards. For some reason it is not coded to count the account-wide clear for every character at once (I suspect it has to do with the fact that Episode 4 originally had character-bound progress instead of account-bound pre-Episode 6).

The only mission you have to do with each character after the first is "The Awakening", the mission with combat. Just FYI, in case this wasn't clear.

You can also do it on casual which lets you kill all the enemies by simply breathing on them.

Not saying this isn't a bug btw.