Shows ingame

Suggestion is to air the anime on the screens in game or set up some type of team to do skits and show them on there, hopefully the team will also do showcases for content and upcoming stuff, it was cool to see the sonic trailer play and if possible seeing the PSO anime play in game would be even better, maybe broadcast pvp matches aswell

In the Japanese version the video screens were used for similar things... basically:

  • Promotion of ingame events.
  • Promotion of real life events.
  • Promotion of other games.
  • Promotion for upcoming updates and content.
  • Showing short animes (the Puso Ni Comi anime which is just like 3 minutes an episode, they only ever preview the other anime)

Also... they don't really support live broadcast. I don't know the exact process... but the video files are actually downloaded and streamed locally from the game client.

ah i didn know that last bit, would still be cool tho if they could do this stuff, maybe even put a screen in your room so you can watch stuff there as well, hmmm i wonder if theres away to play videos that you alrerady have on the pc..... interesting

There probably is but I wouldn't know bout it + might require using tools that go against Terms of Service. But yeah, the video screens are never 100% synced as a result. The files are basically very low res AVI files.

In fact... as a fun fact, the 'live video' during the Quna concert is actually pre-rendered... at a lower graphic setting. For this reason, you can see the lighting in the video doesn't match up with what you are actually seeing.

ah very interesting, thanks for the information