Before you do the Arena Event, Look here.

If you're going to do 10 matches then quit for the event here are some tips. I've grinded up to Legend and stopped, so this is what i used..

  • Rainbow Emblems are worth more than kills almost all the time, those should be a main focus

  • Don't mine multiple nodes at spawn, it'll leave a player without a weapon

  • Camp the rainbow emblems area, if your team has control, help them keep it.

  • If you aren't marked for 1st - 3rd place, considering going after the opposite team's #1 player or going after that annoying talis/foie spammer to help your team regain mid.

  • Despite what people say, all weapons have their purpose and you don't want to waste time going for just that 1 weapon when there are tons of other useful weapons on each map

  • If you're #1, try to play safe and don't tunnel vision. You feeding could easily cost the game (I've been guilty of doing this by being greedy a few times)

  • Matchmaking is non existent, you can be D5 and still queue with legends. Yeah it sucks.

  • 3rd person aiming mode (or Z-aim) is how you get those nice Talis throws to control people from entering rainbow emblems.

  • Don't get discouraged if you are losing, there are plenty of times where if a team loses control of rainbow emblems, they may not be able to get it back, games really do turn around within a minute sometimes.

Wrote this post because people have been working hard to climb ranks and it's very easy to throw if you do not know what to do.

If you have any more tips that i should add let me know.

Thanks for the tips man, some of it I’m already doing, but I’m finding the gameplay mechanics extremely tedious, so much so that I’m only doing the bare minimum to get Kym weekly SG, so any tips to make it less painful is extremely appreciated