PS4 Controller Touchpad Help Needed

Hi there, I've recently just started the game, and luckily was able to set up my PS4 controller smoothly(after going through headaches with setting it up for private servers of FFXI). Needless to say, everything ran smooth on initial startup, of course with using the DS4 App on my computer to register the controller as an Xbox controller.

So I'm getting more into the game and realize I would like to swap my sub-pallete and my weapons with more ease. I realized there was keyboard commands for such when searching controls randomly. I thought to myself, "Huh, I think I can map my touchpad to enter certain keys on a keyboard. Maybe this will work!"

So I map them. It works like a charm on notepad(typing b, g, etc.). "Awesome!", right? Unfortunately, in the game it doesn't seem to process any of the keys I mapped on the touchpad(Top of touchpad, left side, right side, multi touch, swipe up, down, left, right). I was curious if anybody else has tried this and figured an answer for my current dilemma. I'm also aware that Xbox controllers never had a touchpad, so not sure if this is part of the issue. I appreciate your time reading this and hope you're all doing well. Thank you.

you know that if you are using the Steam version you don't need DS4 to change the dualshock 4 into a Xbox controller, Steam does that for you, now why the game is not registering the commands is hard to say the game has controller commands for sub palletes too so better stick with those because the touchpad of the Dualshock 4 can sometimes register weird commands

I use rewasd to issue chat commands - apparently ds4windows can work too.