Please, PLEASE give us a revival of the mission passes 1-5.

I'm one of those people who was never able to play the game until now (no Xbox, then win10 store kept nuking my install so I never got to play....) and I'm not too happy about missing out on a ton of items I like and want due to exclusivity nonsense. Now that the game's out on steam, and people like myself are actually able to play the game, how about giving us a chance to get those items, too?

It's unfortunate, but they can't make everybody happy. If they were to do this, then this would make the players who had access to MP1-5 feel it's a waste for a revival and demand for something new instead of something old.

Just hope for the items to appear in the fresh find shop, but most of the items that were offered through mission pass was mediocre look wise and you can find better options for your phashion from player shop mix matching.

All I'm asking is SOME way to bring back old items from past mission passes. It could be from fresh finds, or a revival, or anything, just give me some way to know I'll be able to complete my CAST's look at some point in the future. (There is a very specific female CAST head I'm after which is completely unique in its design- there AREN'T any similar alternatives, period. Not even on the JP version. I checked.) Even just knowing there will be a way to get that, and other past items in the future would be enough for me.

You brought up treasure shop- do past mission pass items even appear in there? As far as I'm aware, they don't....

EDIT: I just thought of an excellent way to bring the old items back. Why not add them to the mission badge exchange? That way they won't get in the way of new mission passes, but you won't be completely out of luck if you miss out on a particular tier, either. It would even help people that did complete past mission passes, as they would now have a means to get a 2nd ticket to unlock their favorite pass items account wide.

So far, it looks like their plan is to add previous Mission Pass items into new ones, but in a limited way. For example, in Mission Pass 5, they had all the cosmetic items from Mission Pass 1, but you couldn't get them all (for example, you had to pick the Zelsius set OR the Zamlord set) and only could get one copy of each (so no way to get the ticket-based items account bound).

Huh. I see. So if that trend continues, maybe in ~4-5 months then... Feels like such a long wait, but now I at least have hope I'll be able to get the Lamia set eventually. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

+1 to the idea of adding old items or a section in mission badge exchange shop that has relevant items regarding to each season


Please add old mission pass items back to the game SOMEHOW. I see nothing special about having logged in on a random day to receive a random item over someone else. Nothing should be untradeable outside of SG. That's ridiculous and ruins a core aspect of the game, fashion.