Battle Coin Shop didn't reset

As the title indicated I logged in today (8/12) and didn't get my login stamps. Any ideas?

Seems the weekly SG earning from Battle Coins didn't reset either, even though it says it resets at 1 AM on Wednesday. What gives? (It should be noted that the casino did reset though, so maybe an issue with the BC shop?)

Ok so Login stamps are at 8 AM, good to know. Haven't checked the BC shop yet, MB4 procced.

Nope, BC shop still hasn't reset.

The casino sg reset which resets at the same time as battle shop sg. >.<

Well it's supposed to, but it didn't. CC SG reset, but BC SG didn't.

ok it wasn't just me

I have a feeling they either f'ed up the time, date, or just forgot to implement the reset completely. (Actually I think I was playing with you a few moments ago.)

It finally reset, so assume 2 PM every Wednesday until further notice.