No weapons after switching class.

Wanted to try another class after the initial 6 classes but when i switch there are no weapons to use on the new class, just the gunblade, i tried all the 3 extra classes but nothing.

Can you be a little more clear on what you mean?

Keep in mind that these are the weapons that each class can naturally use (with every class being able to use Gunblade):

  • Hunter: Sword, Partisan, Wired Lance
  • Ranger: Rifle, Launcher
  • Force: Rod, Talis
  • Fighter: Double Saber, Twin Dagger, Knuckle
  • Gunner: Twin Machine Gun, Rifle
  • Techter: Wand, Talis
  • Braver: Katana, Bow
  • Bouncer: Soaring Blades, Jet Boots
  • Summoner: Harmonizer

After finishing the prologue quest with my ranger (new player just started) and set foot on the ship you can then change class to try something new and i think you should get a set of weapons for that new class to try out but i'm not getting anything, so i can't play the new class with no weapons

@Scarjoshot Ah, I see. No, the game doesn't give you a free set of Weapons for every class.

I believe some of the Class Trainers give you some free gear (like Pietro gives you a Harmonizer and a Wanda Egg), but otherwise, you have to buy the new equipment.

In the Shopping Plaza, there is a Weapons Vendor NPC who has a rotating stock of beginner level Weapons, or you can check the Personal Shops for gear to buy.

Good to know thanks.