Used Aeros Face Scratch Bonus Ticket and game thinks it's on a different character

As the topic says, I got the Aeros face from the Scratch Count Bonus, but when I used it, I could not find it anywhere in my list of optional faces. Upon looking at the Scratch Count Bonus list, it says it's bound to another character, which isn't possible because on my ship, I only have 1 female CAST character, and I didn't log off to use it on any other character when I got it. So currently I can't access the Aeros Face item.

The "Bound to Another Character" text is a known text error with tickets; even when it is character bound to the character you are checking with, it will still display that. Otherwise, if it is missing from your Face Variants list, make sure you submit a bug report on the support site.

@AndrlCh ^ This. Check your "Face Variants"