Comfy Dragons

  • Leadersip Team: Kizei, Sersilly, Rhesa
  • Type: Semi-Casual
  • Active Timezone(s): All NA, primarily PST-oriented
  • Alliance Requirements: We aim to have a talkative and active Discord server, so Discord membership and participation is a must! If you love voice chat and making friends, then we are building the community for you and would love to have you aboard to build our close knit group of friends!
  • Alliance Description:
    • Friendly and active social environment.
    • Diverse and close knit member base across many timezones.
    • Both Group and Solo play supported, but teamwork and interactivity is a must!
    • Multi-game Discord for when the servers are down or you need a break.
    • Group events, parties, and grind sessions encouraged, as well as idle hangouts in the cafe/lobby.
    • Movie nights, contests, and plenty of other events and content channels to participate in.

Join us on Discord to request an invite!