Ac I have purchased but never received for the 2nd time this was 100$ worth

I have before that’s what I’m saying

So I seriously am getting ignored right now???@Vick-x-G804

This shit is not cool at all @Rs-Resonate

@Vick-x-G804 I'm assuming you opened a ticket on ? and submitted a ticket to microsoft also ? 😞

I bought ac for new scratch now I can’t even get ...@Rs-Resonate

Yup this shit is wild @Rs-Resonate

@Vick-x-G804 Fuck maaaan I play on xbox and I thought this was a pc issue but now...kinda dont even wanna risk to buy more AC or anything until they investigate this or suspend all AC buying until this is fixed 😕

Sorry for making things hard but this is the 2ns time this happened mfers don’t have 100$ just to get thrown away like this and I’ve done everything I’m suppose to do and yet I get ignored they need a live chat and a number to call cause this waiting with no reply crap is in the way and watch they say they can’t do nothing or send me to Xbox which Xbox will send me right back cause it’s a in game app problems.i can’t win for losing apparently @Rs-Resonate

Post was 6 hours ago not one gm replied like that’s doesn’t make since

@Vick-x-G804 Yeah man I agree with a live chat service 100%

If this don’t work I’ll never spend another dollar on this game I guarantee that

I ain’t going to sleep till I get a reply...

Can a gm please contact me!!!!!!

just call the bank and cancel the purchase, if you did with credit card they can revert it within a certain time